How’s it going boiz, my name is MasterJPixel and… Take a look at that glorious item around my neck. That’s right. Animal Jam has new limited edition spikes. Let’s take a look at the Jamaa Journal.


In short terms the system here is that for this weekend only, a new type of spiked collar and spiked wristband will be appearing in the Diamond Shop for one day only. That’s four new spiked collars, since it started on Thursday. If you didn’t get the previous ones, then you’re out of luck. Here’s some pictures though:


Thursday’s limited edition spiked collar is titled the “Blackout Spiked Collar” and is completely black when worn. My favorite so far.


This next picture is of the Rainbow Spiked Collar. When I first saw this I remembered the Cloud Party and all of it’s rainbow items. They look very similar.


Today’s spike is a Magenta Spiked Collar. Extremely similar to all the glitched magenta items roaming the wild today.

That’s all I have for today, I won’t be posting a picture of the spike tomorrow because I want it to be a surprise for you guys.

Jam On!



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UNRELEASED “DEN SPIKE”? – Animal Jam Play Wild

I have nothing to do today, so let’s just go around Play Wild doing random things. I suppose I should go to Epic Wonders first. I mean, there’s nothing better to do, might as well spend some of my Gems.

Okay, I think you get the point. I’m bored.


Wow, this is definitely new. Gotta buy this. Just look at it. There was also a cool dragon which is currently siting in my den.


Oh, my. When did Kimbara Outback get added to Play Wild? I must have missed an update. Anyway, let’s see what’s up.


Oh no, don’t even get me started.


Fine, just put the last one so I can go visit Kimbara’s shop.


There. Now let’s get going.


Are you serious? This is all they sell? I like to be mature when I’m on the internet, but those items at the top literally look like human waste. Especially that third one.


Just look at it.


Don’t mind me, just cleaning up my dragon’s poop. Anyway, I’m bored now. Let’s go to the first Epic Den on the list.



Are you seeing what I’m seeing? There’s a pink spiked den item near my character. What even is that? This is insane. Is it unreleased? I don’t think so, if some random person has it. And I haven’t seen it in the Treasure Hunts anywhere. I bet it’s glitched.

After this I got scared and ran away, only to find some pun-tastic artwork in Jam Mart Furniture.


Whatever. Today has been quite an eye-opening experience, similar to that Phantom painting. I think I’ll just go home. Catch up with all of you next time.


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Should You Buy Animal Jam Membership?

DISCLAIMER: Once again, I apolagize for the recent inactivity. I have been lacking post ideas, as well as dealing with a very important situation in real life. Please keep in mind that Pixel Press is not my job and this is more of a hobby.

Hello, and welcome back to Animal Jam Pixel Press! Recently, I have recieved a lot of emails from Jammers asking if they should buy a Membership. So today, I decided to make a post answering that question. Let’s get started.

First we should take a look at the price options.

All three are essentially the same: paying about five dollars a month. I should mention this is relatively cheap compared to other games I’ve played.

Now it’s time to go through the official table of Member Benefits and read off the list.

Weekly Diamond Member Gift

I feel like this feature is kind of important, considering so much content is in the Diamond Shop. In fact, I felt like making a list of just a few things sold there.

  • Arctic Wolf
  • Owl
  • Eagle
  • Llama
  • Hyena
  • Falcon
  • Sloth
  • Pig
  • Arctic Fox
  • Various accessories
    • Elf Tail Armor
    • Armor sets
  • Various den items
    • Animal-specific Claw Machines
    • Giant Plushies
    • Weather-specific Clouds

Adopt and Customize All Virtual Pets

The pet system has always been kind of so-so to me. At the moment, non-members can adopt Hamsters and Honeybees, while Members can adopt all pets. I understand it promotes diversity and creativity, but they don’t do much for you. You can play Pet Games with some of them, but those get boring after a while, unless you’re a Top-Of-The-Line achievement hunter.

Access to All Animals in Jamaa

Very self-explanatory. I find it necessary considering most of the “good” animals are sold in the Diamond Shop, or are members-only in general.

All Accessories and Dens

I believe that title is a typo, and it meant to say “All Accessories and Den Items”. Oh well. Anyway, over 75% of all Animal Jam items, clothing items and den items, are members-only. Having a membership allows for a lot more style in the game. Unfortunately, the infamous Rare Spiked Collars are also members-only.

Access to Members-Only Parties and Adventures

I will seperate this into two parts as it seems to be covering two topics.


I don’t find the parties all that fun in Animal Jam. They also don’t sell very good-looking or rare items, except for the seasonal parties that appear only a few times a year. There are also very few members-only parties. To be more specific, what they mean by this is Animal-specific parties such as the Horses Only Party, Monkeys Only Party, Bunnies Only Party, etc.


Adventures have some up-sides and down-sides.  I will list a few for you.

Positive Sides

  • Fun the first few times
  • Easy way to earn Gems
  • Provides lots of lore on the story of Jamaa
  • Has exclusive items as rewards

Negative Sides

  • Lots of repetitive tasks, such as walking back and forth through the same area six times
  • Can be difficult
  • No more new Adventures are currently being released
  • Has discrimating, animal-specific doors

Overall, I think Adventures have a cool concept, but the delivery just failed.

That’s essentially a list of all the benefits of having Membership in Animal Jam. I think Membership is completely worth it, and the game repays you with hours upon hours of gameplay, along with big updates every two weeks. Thank you for reading my article and please consider following my blog if you’d like to see more content.

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Top 5 Unreleased Items in Animal Jam

DISCLAIMER: I apolagize for the recent lack of posts, I’ve been very busy in real life. Please keep in mind that my blog is not monetized and this is more of a fun hobby than a full-time job.

Animal Jam is a game with lots of content all over the place. That being said, I don’t think Animal Jam HQ has the time to review every new item before it comes out. This has also lead to some items unintentionally getting released. Today, we count down the top 5 unreleased items in Animal Jam.

My name is MasterJPixel and today I’ll be your narrator.

5 – Test Ice Cream Cake Freezer

Image result for animal jam unreleased items

The Test Ice Cream Cake Freezer was, simply put, a duplicate of the Ice Cream Cake Freezer, labeled under a different name. The main difference between the two is the price tag. The Test Ice Cream Cake Freezer was sold for the ridiculously high price of 9,999 Gems. The “real” Ice Cream Cake Freezer is only 500 Gems. Odd.

4 – Pink Bed*

*unofficial name

Image result for animal jam unreleased items

This unnamed item is simply a pink bed. I really don’t understand why it was removed. That is all I have to say about it.

3 – Chest Armor*

*unofficial name

Image result for animal jam unreleased items

In this screenshot, a player’s penguin avatar has… fake muscles. I can see why this would be removed, but at the same time… I’d love to make a John Cena look! Lel.

2 – Paint Marks

Technically, this item wasn’t removed, it was just changed.


To be more specific, it’s the red version of this item that was changed. The item was clearly intended to be… red paint, what else? Unfortunately, many roleplayers thought it would be a good idea to start using it as blood. It was changed to orange shortly after.

Shop Paint-Marks Orange

1 – Skullies

Yep. Skullies. The one item literally everyone knows about. If you don’t, they’re essentially a tail item consisting of a wire with a round skull-shaped plastic shell on the end.

Image result for animal jam skullies on pandas

They were removed because they looked very inappropiate on pandas. More specifically, during it’s Play action. In fact, this item changed the Panda’s play action altogether. Instead of rolling forwards and backwards, it now rolls from side to side.

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Play Wild Update 26

Welcome back to another update on Animal Jam: Play Wild! Let’s get right into the news!

Introducing the Aquarium, the coolest new den. I can’t wait to get this and have it filled with all kinds of sealife.

Tierney Thys’ aquarium has come to Crystal Sands! In there, you can learn about a lot of sealife. Make sure to check it out!

The Sapphire Shop has released another armor set, the Samurai Master! This one looks really cool, and I can’t wait to try it out.

I don’t have much to say about this page, it seems to be an advertisement for all the pets sold at Appondale and the Sapphire Shop.

On the last page, we have a little hint to keep our eyes open when playing Pill Bugs. Certain levels now give the player rewards.

I was curious though, so I did play through level 1-6, and recieved this cool Ladybug Ottoman as a reward.

You should definitely try to beat all the levels and see what you earn!

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Whew! Another update! I don’t have much to say so let’s get into it.


Before making this post, I already got my lemur. Here it is. Not too bad, if I say so myself.

The Front Lines

Nice, a new adventure! I’ll definitely make sure to play that in a future post.

Liking Masterpieces

Yes! Finally! Everyone has been requesting this for so long. To see this new feature in action, I went to AJHQ’s den and found this awesome Masterpiece by Extrave. It currently has over 300 Likes.

Gabby’s Animal Hospital

This is really cool. I like how Animal Jam is sponsored by National Geographic, and they use the game’s revenue to help save endangered animals. Something about that just makes me smile.

Adoption Certificate

This is really, really cool. Here are some of mine:

Small New Announcements

Updates that don’t make a whole heading.

  • The Medical Center has been renamed to Gabby’s Animal Hospital.
    • It has also been redecorated.
  • A new Lemur Minibook has been added. As usual, completing the quiz at the end will reward you with a cool Lemur Trophy.
  • The Bounce House Den has returned to the Diamond Shop.
  • Animal Jam Retail Cards are being sold at Gamestop from September 19th to October 9th.

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Play Wild Update 23

It’s about time for another Animal Jam: Play Wild! update. Let’s get right into it.

Pet Highland Ponies

Wow! These new pets look awesome. I’ll definitely be heading to Claws ‘N Paws later today.

Schoolhouse Party

Wow, I don’t know about you, but the Schoolhouse Party is just awesome.

Small New Announcements

updates that don’t make a whole heading.

  • The previous update contained a new game called Block Break. I tried it out and it’s a lot of fun.
  • The stores of Jamaa contain a new outfit, the Princess Outfit. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun for all of Animal Jam’s female players.
  • There’s a new shop in Sarepia Forest. Has this always been here? It looks new. 
  • Some games such as Block Break or Gem Breaker now give out rewards when you beat certain levels. Sounds fun.
  • It’s Play Wild’s first birthday! To celebrate, Animal Jam HQ added a new Birthday Party.
  • You can now purchase Pet Honeybees to celebrate bees and how they pollinate our plants to help us live.
  • The Wild Explorer’s tent from Animal Jam has also been added for Play Wild! There’s a lot of fun videos, so you should definitely go check it out.

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