Leaving. Kinda.

Edit: Er, well, I might still post every once in a while, but someone else will take the wheel.

Hate to tell everyone, but I’m quitting AJPP. I’ll still be active on my YouTube channel  but I don’t have time to post here anymore. Plus, I don’t really enjoy the Animal Jam Community anymore.

This doesn’t mean the website will be taken down. No matter what all the old posts will still be here, and I may be transferring ownership to one of my close friends.

Also, make sure to follow my Twitter at @masterjpixelyt

Yeah, that’s kind of it. I’ll keep you updated on whoever’s getting ownership.


JoshCraft Leaves Animal Jam Community

I think it’s safe to say majority of you know this already, but I’m leaving the @animaljam community. For good. For the past year I’ve been supported with the most kind and loving fan base I could’ve ever asked for. I started in the community with 1,000 subscribers, and ended out with 21,000. 20,000 people, were willing too watch me play the game, and stand along with me throughout the year that I played this game. I’m leaving the community, I’m leaving because honestly, I never really enjoyed the game, I never had experience I dreamed of having. I’m not quitting YouTube. I’m leaving animal jam so I can become a vlogger. I’ve always loved videography and with this new fanbase I believe you guys can help me on this dream of becoming a videographer. Through it all, I have so many people to thank, but all my thanks will be sent to those in the video I will be posting in the next few days. Thank you so much for watching me for this whole year. Thank you for an amazing year, but now I’m going to do what I love. I hope you’ll stay and watch my new videos, here’s too the future. ~Josh

A post shared by Josh (@jurshy) on Mar 10, 2017 at 2:59pm PST

The Instagram post above by YouTuber JoshCraft (also referred to as Josh or Jurshy) announces that he is leaving the Animal Jam community and is going to stop making videos about the game.

The 13-year-old videographer started with making Minecraft videos, and joined the Animal Jam community after reaching 1,000 subscribers to his channel. During his presence in the community, Josh made his way to 20,000 subscribers.


Julian2, Animal Jam YouTuber, Forced Out Of The Community After Four Years Of Free Advertising

I’m not too sure how to start a more serious post like this. Normally I’d start out with a very exciting “What’s up everyone welcome back to AJPP” but I feel as if that would be inappropiate and childish for the more serious event that I’m going to be talking about. I’ll have a video on my YouTube channel with more detailed thoughts up on Tuesday or so.

I guess I’ll just get to the point. Julian2, yet again, is banned from Animal Jam. This time it’s the littlest mistake ever. I never witnessed it but there are claims that one of his videos contains a clip of two bushes mating. I sound like an idiot just saying that. The ban has gone for 2 weeks so far and has no sign of stopping at the moment. At around 9:00 MST, Julian posted a complaint on his Instagram page.


The post is so big that all of it won’t fit into one screenshot. I’ll just quote it for you.

You know, it’s not easy to crush someone’s dreams, but Animal Jam has done it. I’ve gotten the message, loud and clear. I am no longer wanted in this community by the developers and community managers because of one clip from a video where I showed two bushes that looked they were mating in the game… I’m suspended two weeks later without any clue of when I might be able to return. I’ve been taken off of the channel banner and forced out of the YouTuber group chat. The message is clear: after four years of free advertising for this company, I am no longer welcome. I refuse to be treated as an asset to be disposed of at any moment in which I don’t fall perfectly in line with the company’s agenda. I know my fan base is a little bit more compassionate, however, and will actually continue to accept me. Therefore, unless some drastic change suddenly appears (very unlikely) I will not be playing Animal Jam on my channel any longer. If the game doesn’t want me, then I will accept that.

Julian2’s Instagram

Not only was he banned, Animal Jam removed him from their YouTube channel’s banner.


Since Julian2’s IG post was only posted about three hours ago, this is still a developing story. Sorry this had to end so quick. I’ll check back tomorrow for any new info, but if there is any I won’t be posting about it here. I might just drop it off on my Twitter, which you should go follow in case things like this happen and I DON’T end up having time to post.

Anyway, see you all later!




How’s it going boiz, my name is MasterJPixel and… Take a look at that glorious item around my neck. That’s right. Animal Jam has new limited edition spikes. Let’s take a look at the Jamaa Journal.


In short terms the system here is that for this weekend only, a new type of spiked collar and spiked wristband will be appearing in the Diamond Shop for one day only. That’s four new spiked collars, since it started on Thursday. If you didn’t get the previous ones, then you’re out of luck. Here’s some pictures though:


Thursday’s limited edition spiked collar is titled the “Blackout Spiked Collar” and is completely black when worn. My favorite so far.


This next picture is of the Rainbow Spiked Collar. When I first saw this I remembered the Cloud Party and all of it’s rainbow items. They look very similar.


Today’s spike is a Magenta Spiked Collar. Extremely similar to all the glitched magenta items roaming the wild today.

That’s all I have for today, I won’t be posting a picture of the spike tomorrow because I want it to be a surprise for you guys.

Jam On!


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No More Discord ;-;

This is just a little update to let you all know that I shut down the Animal Jam Pixel Press Discord server because it was very inactive. A more proper article will hopefully be arriving during the weekend, as I am sick right now.

Have a great day,



This is a free promotion for the Animal Jam Amino.

Guys what’s up, welcome back to another post here on your favorite website of all time Pixel Press. Today I wanted to share the coolest thing ever. Literally.

So you know like how there’s two Animal Jam communites? The first one is the one in-game that isn’t too good because of all the toddlers who don’t know how to behave on the internet. And the second one is all the bloggers, YouTubers, artists, editors, writers, and everything else. The community of content-creators. It’s only cool cause I’m in it.

But did you know there’s actually a third community? It’s called the Animal Jam Amino, and it’s basically an app for Apple or Android for the older side of the community, and you can meet other Jammers, talk, and have fun. A lot of Famous Jammers  are on it too so you can have a chance to meet us.


Not only can you meet other Jammers, there are tons of content creators and artists. Just to prove it, I asked a user named Treelix to make this cool icon for me:


It was completed in only two days. So what are you waiting for? Go download it. Simply search “animal jam amino” on the Apple Appstore or the Google Play Store.

The AJ Play Wild Valentines Day Update!

Hello there internet, and welcome back to Animal Jam Pixel Press. Today on the mobile app Play Wild, we just recieved the new Valentines Day (or as the game calls it, “Friendship Festival”) update. Let’s check it out.


The first page of the Jamaa Journal welcomes the arrival of the new Friendship Cottage, just in time for Valentine’s Day. We’ll go check it out in a little bit.bdhfts

Next page. This announces the new Pet Lovebugs that have arrived in the Sapphire Shop. We’ll check them out aswell after we finish reading the Jamaa Journal.


Finally! After so long we can finally change our animals’ names. If only you could do that in regular Animal Jam.

Also the Postmaster mini-game was touched-up with a new Valentines Day theme that will probably last through the rest of Feburary. Here’s a picture of me playing the new version:



The Friendship Cottage Bundle is here and it contains the Friendship Cottage and multiple Valentines Day items.

Now let’s check out everything that was added!


First we have an amazing preview of the Friendship Cottage. I’m not going to buy it because I’m a bit low on Sapphires but it looks great.


And here we have a preview of the Lovebug. Both of these items are sold at the Sapphire Shop.

Small New Announcements

updates that don’t make a whole heading

  • The Sapphire Shop, Jam Mart Furniture, and Jam Mart Clothing have been stocked with lots of Valentines Day items that will only last through Feburary.
  • The new Epic Wonders item titled “Friendship Feast Table” is so big that it doesn’t fit in the preview box. ajzwxr
  • This cool new manequin at the Sapphire Shop mimics your animal, no matter what it looks like, and adds some of the new armor for sale. It’s a funny touch to see that change automatically with your animal and I’m glad AJHQ added it.2uanof