Here are some of Jamaa’s terms and common words for anyone who wants to know what they mean. Tip: Press CTRL + F to find what you’re looking for faster. You can also comment below if you know a common term that isn’t on this list.

Achievements – badges Jammers receive for completing certain goals

AJ – A short term for Animal Jam

AJMV (Animal Jam Music Video) – a video with Jammers’ animals dancing and saying lyrics to a song, usually published through YouTube

Alphas – the guardians of Jamaa

Andy – the Llama Alpha

Animal Jam Blog – a website with posts and information about Animal Jam

Animal Jam Fanfiction – a fan-inspired story about or relating to Animal Jam

Animal Jam Wiki – a website with information and pictures about Animal Jam

Animal Jam YouTuber – a person who makes Animal Jam videos on YouTube

Avalon – the Owl Alpha

Badge – a small icon on the end of a Jammer’s nametag

Barrett – the Polar Bear Alpha

Beta – a period of time before the game was officially released

Boomseed – a small, deployable bomb created by Cosmo to use against the Phantoms

Candy Catch – a game in the Summer Carnival where the player catches falling candy using a bucket

Carnival Darts – a game in the Summer Carnival where the player throws darts at Phantoms and balloons

Chat – primary method of communication between Jammers

Chomper Plant – a venus fly trap made by Cosmo to trap the Phantoms

Clan – a group of animals (normally cats played by wolves) roleplaying similar characters to Erin Hunter’s Warriors book series, normally played in Sarepia Forest

Clark – a short term for the CEO of Wildworks, Clark Stacey

Club Geoz – a small dance club in Jamaa Township

Codes – words or phrases typed into the “I Have a Code!”for Animal Jam promotional gifts

Cosmo – the Koala Alpha

Courage – The XP-like currency used in Adventures

Daily Explorer – Animal Jam’s official blog

Daily Spin – a wheel that Jammers spin every day when they log in for rewards

Den – a Jammer’s private house

Den Beta – a den item from the Beta period that is highly valued

Den Item – an item that can be placed in a den

Diamonds – a currency in Jamaa used to buy special items at the Diamond Shop

Diamond Shop – a building in Jamaa to purchase items and animals with Diamonds

Dinner Party – a party set in a restraunt

Drake – the Shark Alpha

Epic Dens – Jammers’ dens that have been chosen to be featured on the World Map

Epic Wonders – a store behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons that sells expensive furniture and clothing items

Fashion Show – an event Jammers like to host where each animal shows off different looks

Freedom Party – a party with fireworks, to celebrate Fourth of July

Flash Trading – a method of trolling or scamming where the trading player trades the person for a very short period of time, then cancels the trade

Fman122 – a hacker from 2012 who’s existence isn’t confirmed or denied

Games – activities around Jamaa played to earn Gems

Gems – the primary currency of Animal Jam

Gifts – presents that members can attach to Jam-A-Grams

Giveaway – a contest where a Jammer randomly gives an item to another Jammer who entered the contest

Graphics – icons/pictures from the game

Graham – the Monkey Alpha

Greely – the Wolf Alpha

Hidden Hollow – a small town in Jamaa

Hudson – the Otter Alpha

Jamaa – the full world of Animal Jam

Jamaa Journal – the primary and most popular news system in Jamaa

Jamaasian – an inhabitant of Jamaa

Jammer – an Animal Jam player

Jammer Party – a custom party created by a Jammer that costs 1 Diamond

Jammer Wall – a messaging system; currently being tested by Members only

Jam-A-Gram – customizable method of mail that can be sent from player to player

Jam Mart Clothing – the primary clothing store in Jamaa Township

Jam Mart Furniture – the primary den item store in Jamaa Township

Jamaa Township – the capital city of Jamaa, featuring multiple shops such as Jam Mart Clothing, Jam Mart Furniture, and the Diamond Shop

Jump! – Animal Jam’s second mobile app featuring a kangaroo

Juno – the Arctic Wolf Alpha

LaSalle – the Raccoon Alpha

Liza – the Panda Alpha

Look – a Jammer’s outfit made using clothing items

Mailtime – a type of video that Animal Jam YouTubers make, featuring Jam-A-Grams sent from viewers

Masterpiece – a piece of art created from the Art Studio in Coral Canyons

Mira – a gray heron who is considered to be the mother of Jamaa

Member – a player who owns membership

Membership – a paid option that gives the player lots more features

Movement – a campaign for cause

Nonmember – a Jammer who does not own membership

Outback Imports – a shop located in Kimbara Outback

Original Six – the first animals in Animal Jam: Panda, Koala, Wolf, Bunny, Monkey, and Tiger

Party – an event set around a certain animal, time of year, or theme, that also sells certain items that can’t be found anywhere else in Jamaa

Password – half of your account information that should be kept private and only shared with a parent or legal guardian

Peck – the Bunny Alpha

Phantoms – the mortal enemies of Jamaasians, spider-like creatures made from pollution

Phantom Beacon – a small capsule that displays faint images; intended use is unknown

Phantom Pipe – a pipe made to pollute the ocean

Phantom Sprouter – a cloning device for the Phantoms

Pillow Room – a building in Jamaa Township where Jammers like to role-play as babies and children

Print and Play – a system used to print Animal Jam activities in real life

Play Wild – Animal Jam’s third official mobile app

RIM – a rare item released in stores every Monday

Scammer – a Jammer who commits crimes of scamming

Scamming – unfairly taking a player’s items using deception or exploiting methods

Screenshot – a type of photo taken by pressing PRT SC, or using a free program called Lightshot

Sir Gilbert – the Tiger Alpha

Skit – a type of video Animal Jam YouTubers make, similar to a play or movie

Small House – a new player’s default den

Spotbright –  a flashlight-like device created by Graham

Summer Carnival – a carnival with exclusive items that appears only during the summertime

Tavie – the Dolphin Alpha

Tickets – a currency used at the Summer Carnival

Trading – a fair method of exchanging up to 20 items with another Jammer

Trust Trading – a method of trading where one player trades lots of valued items for an unvalued item, highly unreccomended because it commonly leads to scamming

Tunnel Town – Animal Jam’s first official app, featuring a tycoon system featuring a collection of Jamaa’s rabbits

Views – the amount of times someone sees Animal Jam content

Whack-A-Phantom – a game in the Summer Carnival where the player hits Phantoms with a plastic hammer

WildWorks – the company that owns Animal Jam

World Map – a utility used to teleport to most lands of Jamaa

Zios – the god and Sky Father of Jamaa