JoshCraft Leaves Animal Jam Community

I think it’s safe to say majority of you know this already, but I’m leaving the @animaljam community. For good. For the past year I’ve been supported with the most kind and loving fan base I could’ve ever asked for. I started in the community with 1,000 subscribers, and ended out with 21,000. 20,000 people, were willing too watch me play the game, and stand along with me throughout the year that I played this game. I’m leaving the community, I’m leaving because honestly, I never really enjoyed the game, I never had experience I dreamed of having. I’m not quitting YouTube. I’m leaving animal jam so I can become a vlogger. I’ve always loved videography and with this new fanbase I believe you guys can help me on this dream of becoming a videographer. Through it all, I have so many people to thank, but all my thanks will be sent to those in the video I will be posting in the next few days. Thank you so much for watching me for this whole year. Thank you for an amazing year, but now I’m going to do what I love. I hope you’ll stay and watch my new videos, here’s too the future. ~Josh

A post shared by Josh (@jurshy) on Mar 10, 2017 at 2:59pm PST

The Instagram post above by YouTuber JoshCraft (also referred to as Josh or Jurshy) announces that he is leaving the Animal Jam community and is going to stop making videos about the game.

The 13-year-old videographer started with making Minecraft videos, and joined the Animal Jam community after reaching 1,000 subscribers to his channel. During his presence in the community, Josh made his way to 20,000 subscribers.