Julian2, Animal Jam YouTuber, Forced Out Of The Community After Four Years Of Free Advertising

I’m not too sure how to start a more serious post like this. Normally I’d start out with a very exciting “What’s up everyone welcome back to AJPP” but I feel as if that would be inappropiate and childish for the more serious event that I’m going to be talking about. I’ll have a video on my YouTube channel with more detailed thoughts up on Tuesday or so.

I guess I’ll just get to the point. Julian2, yet again, is banned from Animal Jam. This time it’s the littlest mistake ever. I never witnessed it but there are claims that one of his videos contains a clip of two bushes mating. I sound like an idiot just saying that. The ban has gone for 2 weeks so far and has no sign of stopping at the moment. At around 9:00 MST, Julian posted a complaint on his Instagram page.


The post is so big that all of it won’t fit into one screenshot. I’ll just quote it for you.

You know, it’s not easy to crush someone’s dreams, but Animal Jam has done it. I’ve gotten the message, loud and clear. I am no longer wanted in this community by the developers and community managers because of one clip from a video where I showed two bushes that looked they were mating in the game… I’m suspended two weeks later without any clue of when I might be able to return. I’ve been taken off of the channel banner and forced out of the YouTuber group chat. The message is clear: after four years of free advertising for this company, I am no longer welcome. I refuse to be treated as an asset to be disposed of at any moment in which I don’t fall perfectly in line with the company’s agenda. I know my fan base is a little bit more compassionate, however, and will actually continue to accept me. Therefore, unless some drastic change suddenly appears (very unlikely) I will not be playing Animal Jam on my channel any longer. If the game doesn’t want me, then I will accept that.

Julian2’s Instagram

Not only was he banned, Animal Jam removed him from their YouTube channel’s banner.


Since Julian2’s IG post was only posted about three hours ago, this is still a developing story. Sorry this had to end so quick. I’ll check back tomorrow for any new info, but if there is any I won’t be posting about it here. I might just drop it off on my Twitter, which you should go follow in case things like this happen and I DON’T end up having time to post.

Anyway, see you all later!