WHAT’S MY FAVORITE MEME!? – Ask MasterJPixel #1

Yes. I know. People have been simply dying for me to start this series.

If you didn’t already know, I was intending to start a series on the blog, about five months ago titled “Ask MasterJPixel”. It was a fun system where viewers could send in questions, comments, or concerns to masterjpixel@gmail.com for a chance to be featured in a post. Keep in mind that if viewers don’t add any usernames to the email, everything they say will be kept anonymous unless they DO add a username and clarify permission to credit them. I’ll answer about three to ten emails per post depending on how much time I have.

Anyway, for some reason no one was sending emails until about a month ago, so I didn’t really have anything to answer. It’s probably just because AJPP is kind of blowing up in popularity after I leaked those photos of Skorm breaking Animal Jam rules and whatnot. But anyway, that’s off-topic so let’s start with the questions.

When did you start AJPP and why?

I believe I founded this website back in March or Febuary of 2016. Dang, it might be AJPP’s birthday soon. Why I started it? That’s kind of hard to remember. I think it was because I wanted people to watch and care about me so that for once my opinions in this community would finally matter. And it seems like I’m starting to do that, and anyone else can too. It just takes skill and dedication.


You’ve been noticed.

What’s the rarest item in Animal Jam?

That’s kind of hard to answer, because it’s always changing and new things are always being introduced. A lot of Animal Jam players believe that Spiked Collars or Wristbands are the rarest items in the game, but they aren’t. At the moment I’d probably say some of the glitched magenta items are at the top of the charts.

What’s your favorite meme? Mine is 7 Grand Dad.

Well dang. I like doing Huh Challenges which is basically where you make fun of someone’s backstory and then say “HUHHHHHH” after, in an especially annoying tone. But that’s more of a challenge, so as for memes I enjoy Oh Yeah Mr Krabs, Yee, and YouTube Poop.

Why did Skorm get banned?

Oh, not this again. Just read this and this and you’ll be fine. I really don’t want to explain all of it again.


Okay guys, I’m kind of out of time for now so I’ll end the post here. Be sure to send your questions to masterjpixel@gmail.com for a chance to be featured in a post. See ya all later!