Hey guys, and welcome back to another post. Earlier today I was bored and decided to open up Pixlr and make an Animal Jam edit. I’ve really been enjoying a few of the Five Nights At Freddy’s games (this post is not an advertisement or part of a sponsorship) and decided to make an edit, so here it is.
springphantomIf you couldn’t already tell, “Springphantom” here is just Springtrap, the animatronic of FNAF 3, in the form of a phantom. The way this was made is taking one of the Angry Phantom Statues from the adventure Battle For The Beacon and messing around with the colors until it had that distinct shade of yellow. I also removed the bottom of the statue because it just didn’t seem right. The black lines all over it represent the scars that Springtrap has on it’s animatronic suit. I may have overdone it a bit but it’s a nice touch.

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