The Newest Animal Jam Adventure LEAKED

Alright. Hello internet, and welcome back to Animal Jam Pixel Press. Today I found some evidence of Animal Jam’s new adventure, coming soon.

So you know those Messages In A Bottle that everyone’s been obsessing over? Yep. They make their return for this article.


This was the first bottle of 2017. And it mentions… a roar. A powerful and ground-shaking roar. I already have a feeling it’s one of the Alphas. But we don’t know which. For sure it’s either Sir Gilbert or Greely.

No, I’m just kidding. There won’t be any competition after you see the gift you recieve after reading the message.


Sorry Greely… it had to be done. If you still don’t know who roared so loudly, look at the context of that sentence. I’ll rewrite it so that the people on mobile or small screens in general don’t have to keep scrolling up.

“A powerful, ground-shaking roar.”

Now which Alpha do you think matches that description better? Greely or Sir Gilbert? I’d have to go with Sir Gilbert on this one. Yes, Greely is also powerful too, but if you’ve finished all the adventures you’ll know he’s more into stealth and manipulation than he is strength. So, survey says, Sir Gilbert.


Sorry. I just felt the need to. Anyway, in conclusion, I know this was a short theory, but now we have proof that in the next adventure, we’ll be assisting Sir Gilbert to help the Toucans escape from the Phantom Fortress.