He’s Gone. (Skorm Drama Coverage Part 2)

Hello everyone, welcome back to Animal Jam Pixel Press. Today is going to be more of a serious topic. Eight days ago I made an article (I highly suggest you read it by clicking here before continuing on this one, just so you know what happened) about how, with the help of some of my friends, I caught a YouTuber by the name of Skorm, selling Animal Jam items for real money. I also made a video about it on my YouTube channel.

Normally I make an article on AJPP linking to my new videos, but I didn’t want to for this one because I feel as if after this post I will have already talked about drama enough, and I really don’t want to “push” my audience into taking part of this. In fact, the only reason I’m making this post right now is because I want to finish covering the FULL story on what happened to Skorm, so that the public can stop asking what happened to him.

Anyway. In the previous article on this subject, I leaked a text message conversation between JoshCraft and Skorm that involved the topic of selling Animal Jam rares. Here are the pictures again if you didn’t see them earlier:


A text conversation between Skorm and JoshCraft regarding selling AJ rares.


More messages involving the items sold.

Also, I just want to mention real quick that I did get one tiny detail wrong in the last article. After further research, I found that Skorm didn’t sell the Animal Jam items on Amazon.com. He used Skype. It’s not exactly a groundbreaking detail but I felt the need to add it.

So by now I know you all are bored because you guys have probably heard everyone tell this exact story about a hundred times. But there’s one question that hasn’t exactly been answered. What is Skorm going to do next?

First, I can answer straight-off-the-bat that Skorm will not be selling items anymore. His account was permanently banned by Animal Jam HQ. How do I know? You can’t even find his account anymore.


If you search for Skorm’s username on Animal Jam, it can’t be found, hence him being banned.

And to those persistent people who think this photo was edited or old, it’s not. If you don’t believe me, search up his username yourself. Okay, let’s move on.

Continuing with the question of “Where is Skorm, what will he do, etc” is almost a full essay that was posted on Instagram, apolagizing for what he did.


Skorm’s apology post on Instagram.

So if you look at that last sentence he mentions “I think I’m done with animal jam at this point”. A lot of people have also told me he wants to make his Animal Jam YouTube channel into a Minecraft channel, which is heavily backed up by a new video from Skorm:

Now, when the video came out yesterday, there was a comment left by Skorm that said something like this. “This is now a Minecraft channel! Not playing AJ anymore!” I can’t find it anymore, I think it was just lost in the sea of comments like normal, but it was there when the video first came out.

Also, I just noticed that there’s an insane like-dislike ratio.


The like to dislike ratio on SkormPvP’s grand opening video as of January 1st 2017.

Not only that, the video is flooded with hate comments saying things like “you know what you did” or “oh this channel is switching to minecraft because he got banned from aj” some of which is partly true, but there’s no need to flood the place. No wonder I couldn’t find Skorm’s comment.

Anyway, one day after this, another video was posted which briefly explains the drama and how Skorm was sorry.

So after all of this stuff goes down, what do I have to say? I think Skorm did something wrong. He got in trouble, and now he’s moving on. It can be as simple as that.

Just want to mention real quick that this should be the last time I mention this drama. Despite what it may seem like from me making two posts and a whole video about it, I want this to end. Animal Jam isn’t meant for this, and the same drama being brought up over and over again is only going to hurt the community. So, I’m done talking about drama.

Anyway, thanks for sticking all the way to the end. If you enjoyed this post please be sure to leave a LIKE and consider following my blog, as I make non-drama posts about Animal Jam every week.