The Smallest Animal Jam Play Wild Update EVER!

Hello internet, and welcome back to Animal Jam Pixel Press. And happy holidays, whatever you celebrate and wherever you live. I really enjoyed my Christmas this year. What gifts did all of you get? Let me know in the comments.

Anyway, today we’ll be having a very short update overview. A few days ago Play Wild got hit with a tiny update that basically adds some Jamaalidays themed items. So, feel free to click off now, as there’s nothing really important in this update. Regardless, I always try to make a post about every new update in the game, even if it’s small things like this. Let’s get started.


Alright. On the first page it talks about some new Jamaaliday Bundles. The Jamaaliday Accessory Bundle includes things like a Deer, the Gingerbread Armor, the Nutcracker Dance Outfit,and the Reindeer Gear. And the Jamaaliday Den Bundle comes with a Pet Reindeer, the Gingerbread House, and lots of Jamaaliday-themed items.

If you want to get just one, I’d suggest the Den Bundle because most of the new Jamaaliday accessory items (for Play Wild and the regular Animal Jam) just look too silly to be part of a decent look.


The second page talks about the Daily Jamaaliday Gifts, lasting throughout December, and… Wait a second! Deer!? I never knew these were in the game. Why wasn’t this on the front page? Someone get my lawye-

Ahem. Aparrently Deer are a thing now. You can pick up yours at the Sapphire Shop right now.


The third page talks about more Jamaaliday items, and to remember that all of the Jamaaliday items sold in stores will be gone at the end of the holiday season. That’s about a week after this article gets uploaded.


Last page. Another advertisement for IOS, and if you’re playing on it you get exclusive resources.


What, you were expecting more? That’s all the update has. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! If you enjoyed what you just saw then please do consider following my blog using the button below. You’ll get an email when I release a new article! ‘Kay bye!


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