The New Daily Spin Will Cause Chaos – Animal Jam Conspiracy

Uhh… Guys? There’s a new feature on the way, and it could either be Animal Jam’s best update ever, or it’s worst update ever.


Here it is. The Member Daily Spin. Just real quick: it’s not actually coming until January 2017, so you guys can hold your horses. I honestly am really hyped for this to get introduced into the game, not just because I’m an unrare member who would love extra Diamonds, but Animal Jam is finally being serious about marketing tactics. I know that sounds mean, and I’m not trying to be rude to non-members. Heck, my good friend Heshouldvebeenthere is a NM. What I mean by that is, Animal Jam is finally making it’s decision on wiether or not it wants to be a free-to-play game. Animal Jam HQ has always been very… undecisive on this topic.

“One one hand, Animal Jam needs money to run, but on the other, the game needs new players.” – Julian2aj

And because of this, Animal Jam has never really chosen a “side” until now. If you look on the the top, left-hand side of the picture shown above, you’ll see this phrase:

“Starting JANUARY 1, we’re launching some EXCITING NEW BENEFITS for Animal Jam MEMBERS!” – Jamaa Journal

Not to mention the other one below it:

“This new Members-only prize wheel for the Daily Spin is just the first of many things to come in 2017!” – Jamaa Journal

Just think about the plans that these sentences are hinting at. Not only are they using LOTS of capital LETTERS to emphasize the text (which has been something the Jamaa Journal always does, it isn’t just something I do for the post), just the general tone shows that Animal Jam is going to begin excluding Non-Members even more than the game already does, until you’re practically forced to buy Membership. And I do agree with the idea behind this, not so much the execution of it. The game does offer, lots, and lots of content (not to mention tons of capital LETTERS, as mentioned before) to the players, and I do feel it should be worth paying a measley six dollars per month. If you’ve read my older post Should You Buy  Animal Jam Membership? you will have found out that Animal Jam membership is actually much cheaper than most other games.

In conclusion, I do agree with what Animal Jam’s going for here, and overall… I’m just really excited for this new update and Member Spin. Thanks to everyone who read this post, and I hope to see you all later.