Yep, once again, excuse me for the low activity. I’m a lot more active on my Discord server if you need something urgent.

Hello, internet, welcome back to Animal Jam Pixel Press. Believe it or not, even though I’m currently in a position where I have very little time to write posts, (school  and other things) AJPP is still getting thousands of views per day. We’re actually becoming a somewhat popular source in the Animal Jam community.

This is a start of a new segment on the blog called Fan Stories. Basically I ask a question and all the viewers send their responses in an email to . Then, I pick the ones I like and feature them on AJPP. Also, if you’re worried about your email getting leaked, I don’t give out any names except for anything you sign the email with. This could be your Animal Jam username, WordPress username, Twitter username, Instagram, whatever you want. Anyway, for this first round, I didn’t actually ask a question. But a lot of people have been sending me stories about getting suspended, and some of them are pretty weird. Let’s count my favorites down.

5 – RP Taken Too Far?

This first one is a weird one. The email says, “One day I was RP’ing Warriors in Sarepia Forest like normally. The plot was set where humans had covered the forest in deadly oil and the cats wanted to get rid of it. One of my friends got banned for trying to make an observation about the enviornment surrounding her character. She said, ‘hears mouse choking on oil’. She then got a 24 hour ban and had her parents notified.”

Well then. I suppose “choking” would be part of Animal Jam’s filter blacklist, but really? It was being used in an observation. This just proves that AJ needs to loosen it’s bolts a little bit. (That was the worst figure of speech I have, or will ever make.) Anyway, let’s move on to the next one.


Now, in this one, the person sending the email wasn’t actually the one who got banned, but the story is still funny regardless. Basically this person went to a trading party in someone’s den and started flash-trading the owner tons of Rare Spiked Collars for their storebought items. If you don’t know what flash-trading is, it’s a type of troll where you trade someone something, and then cancel the trade directly after you submit it. The den’s owner didn’t even know how rare the items were, and just got annoyed at being flash-traded. She proceeded to start complaining like a small child and then eventually started spamming swear words. This led to her getting banned for who knows how long. The story is a little bit mean, but it supports my belief that children six and under shouldn’t be allowed to use the Internet.

3 – Banned for being AFK?

This is certainly a strange one. So, if you didn’t already know, if you sit still for about two minutes with Animal Jam running and don’t do anything, it kicks you from the server for being idle, probably as an attempt to reduce lag for others. Anyway, someone decided to test this out ten times in a row, and their alt account ended up getting permanently banned. I’m not sure why this is a thing, maybe to deal with bots? I’d just be glad that was their alt and not their main account.

2 – Animal Jam VS Neopets

Okay, this one’s actually pretty funny. So basically someone was trying to introduce their friend to Animal Jam, and the friend types on in-game chat: “this game is ok but i prefer neopets”. After that they got a 2-day suspension, and I’m really not sure why.

1 – Beta Misadventures

Number one was actually submitted by me. When I was eight or nine, back in the beta days of Animal Jam, there was no such thing as the ability to lock dens. So anyone could come into your den, any time, and there was nothing you could do about it. I remember being in the middle of decorating my den and two random penguins walking in. They started talking smack about how my den was ugly and that I shouldn’t play Animal Jam. I was like eight or nine at the time and I got pretty mad. I threatened to “call the AJ police” and later, bought a sled from Jam Mart Furniture (it was wintertime) and pretended it was the police car on it’s way. Eventually I started spamming the phrase “you guys are stupid” at them and eventually got suspended for one day. Looking back it was actually pretty funny, I think I was just that one kid who couldn’t take a joke.


Huge thanks to the folks who send me regular emails of their Animal Jam experiences at . We have another question for you: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen someone say on Animal Jam? Let us know in an email and we’ll see you all later.