UNRELEASED “DEN SPIKE”? – Animal Jam Play Wild

I have nothing to do today, so let’s just go around Play Wild doing random things. I suppose I should go to Epic Wonders first. I mean, there’s nothing better to do, might as well spend some of my Gems.

Okay, I think you get the point. I’m bored.


Wow, this is definitely new. Gotta buy this. Just look at it. There was also a cool dragon which is currently siting in my den.


Oh, my. When did Kimbara Outback get added to Play Wild? I must have missed an update. Anyway, let’s see what’s up.


Oh no, don’t even get me started.


Fine, just put the last one so I can go visit Kimbara’s shop.


There. Now let’s get going.


Are you serious? This is all they sell? I like to be mature when I’m on the internet, but those items at the top literally look like human waste. Especially that third one.


Just look at it.


Don’t mind me, just cleaning up my dragon’s poop. Anyway, I’m bored now. Let’s go to the first Epic Den on the list.



Are you seeing what I’m seeing? There’s a pink spiked den item near my character. What even is that? This is insane. Is it unreleased? I don’t think so, if some random person has it. And I haven’t seen it in the Treasure Hunts anywhere. I bet it’s glitched.

After this I got scared and ran away, only to find some pun-tastic artwork in Jam Mart Furniture.


Whatever. Today has been quite an eye-opening experience, similar to that Phantom painting. I think I’ll just go home. Catch up with all of you next time.



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