Follow The Eyes… – Animal Jam Conspiracy

Okay. I felt the need to make this post after the new update that announces Toucans came out. This will be different from most of the content on my blog, it’s a conspiracy theory about Animal Jam’s next adventure. And if you really think about it, all of this lines up to create one solid answer. But of course, the entire theory is too long for one post, so I will divide it up into parts. Let’s get started.

So I want to start by simply answering. Peck is not the one sending the Messages in a Bottle. For a few reasons. The most obvious reason is that the character design doesn’t match.


Obviously you can’t see a lot of this character due to the mist and whatnot surrounding it. However, we can take note that it has blue/green eyes. Peck however, does not.


In almost every photo of Peck on the Animal Jam Wiki, she is shown to have pink eyes, and I don’t think this means that she has the Pink Eye sickness, the more logical explanation is that… well… she has pink eyes. So if this isn’t Peck, maybe it could be another one of the Alphas?

Wrong again. Greely’s eyes are orange, I can’t see Tavie’s eyes (I doubt it would be her anyway for reasons I’ll explain in the next theory), Sir Gilbert’s are a weird shade of green and gray. Liza’s are gray, Cosmo’s are brown, and Graham’s are also gray.

So now we know that whoever’s sending these bottle messages isn’t an Alpha, but we can narrow it down even further.

It’s the Toucans.

There are two reasons why I believe this. The first one is; what an incredible marketing strategy that would be.”Hey, now Toucans and the new adventure is out, go save the other toucans from the Phantoms.”

The other reason is once again, character design. This time it’s not just the color. Look at the shape of those eyes.


Now look at the shape of these eyes.

Notice how the eye color also looks the same. So, I think we can confirm that Toucans are the ones sending the Messages in a Bottle, and the next adventure will involve us saving them.


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