Toucans Are Coming to Animal Jam


Yep. Time for another Animal Jam update. The update starts off with bringing back the Pet Turkeys from last year.

Next is Twists And Turns. The adventure itself isn’t that fun, but the map is different from last year’s, which I found interesting.

Nothing special here. Just one of those “filler” pages that don’t really add anything.screenshot_5

Mhm. As I thought, Toucans are coming to Animal Jam. However, this page actually gives me a little clue on a recent conspiracy that’s been rising throughout the community. If you click on the video, it’ll play. The video is about a toucan making a Masterpiece. Seems normal, right? Wrong. Guess what? In the Message In A Bottle system, the fourth message you get is attached with a Paint Splotch Stool.

Message 4

Paint splotch stool

And what do either of these have to do with the Toucans? Well, I’ll explain in a later post. It would be too long for this.


I still don’t understand what the purpose of Traveling Animals is? Maybe it’s some marketing technique? If it is, it’s not a very good one.

That was an interesting update. But I stayed online for a little bit longer, and I managed to get a selfie with the YouTubers JoshCraft and Skorm!


A little bit later I went to Jamaa Township and found this:

Turns out it was actually a giraffe wearing a gingerbread mask. Still creepy though!


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