Should You Buy Animal Jam Membership?

DISCLAIMER: Once again, I apolagize for the recent inactivity. I have been lacking post ideas, as well as dealing with a very important situation in real life. Please keep in mind that Pixel Press is not my job and this is more of a hobby.

Hello, and welcome back to Animal Jam Pixel Press! Recently, I have recieved a lot of emails from Jammers asking if they should buy a Membership. So today, I decided to make a post answering that question. Let’s get started.

First we should take a look at the price options.

All three are essentially the same: paying about five dollars a month. I should mention this is relatively cheap compared to other games I’ve played.

Now it’s time to go through the official table of Member Benefits and read off the list.

Weekly Diamond Member Gift

I feel like this feature is kind of important, considering so much content is in the Diamond Shop. In fact, I felt like making a list of just a few things sold there.

  • Arctic Wolf
  • Owl
  • Eagle
  • Llama
  • Hyena
  • Falcon
  • Sloth
  • Pig
  • Arctic Fox
  • Various accessories
    • Elf Tail Armor
    • Armor sets
  • Various den items
    • Animal-specific Claw Machines
    • Giant Plushies
    • Weather-specific Clouds

Adopt and Customize All Virtual Pets

The pet system has always been kind of so-so to me. At the moment, non-members can adopt Hamsters and Honeybees, while Members can adopt all pets. I understand it promotes diversity and creativity, but they don’t do much for you. You can play Pet Games with some of them, but those get boring after a while, unless you’re a Top-Of-The-Line achievement hunter.

Access to All Animals in Jamaa

Very self-explanatory. I find it necessary considering most of the “good” animals are sold in the Diamond Shop, or are members-only in general.

All Accessories and Dens

I believe that title is a typo, and it meant to say “All Accessories and Den Items”. Oh well. Anyway, over 75% of all Animal Jam items, clothing items and den items, are members-only. Having a membership allows for a lot more style in the game. Unfortunately, the infamous Rare Spiked Collars are also members-only.

Access to Members-Only Parties and Adventures

I will seperate this into two parts as it seems to be covering two topics.


I don’t find the parties all that fun in Animal Jam. They also don’t sell very good-looking or rare items, except for the seasonal parties that appear only a few times a year. There are also very few members-only parties. To be more specific, what they mean by this is Animal-specific parties such as the Horses Only Party, Monkeys Only Party, Bunnies Only Party, etc.


Adventures have some up-sides and down-sides.  I will list a few for you.

Positive Sides

  • Fun the first few times
  • Easy way to earn Gems
  • Provides lots of lore on the story of Jamaa
  • Has exclusive items as rewards

Negative Sides

  • Lots of repetitive tasks, such as walking back and forth through the same area six times
  • Can be difficult
  • No more new Adventures are currently being released
  • Has discrimating, animal-specific doors

Overall, I think Adventures have a cool concept, but the delivery just failed.

That’s essentially a list of all the benefits of having Membership in Animal Jam. I think Membership is completely worth it, and the game repays you with hours upon hours of gameplay, along with big updates every two weeks. Thank you for reading my article and please consider following my blog if you’d like to see more content.

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