Top 5 Unreleased Items in Animal Jam

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Animal Jam is a game with lots of content all over the place. That being said, I don’t think Animal Jam HQ has the time to review every new item before it comes out. This has also lead to some items unintentionally getting released. Today, we count down the top 5 unreleased items in Animal Jam.

My name is MasterJPixel and today I’ll be your narrator.

5 – Test Ice Cream Cake Freezer

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The Test Ice Cream Cake Freezer was, simply put, a duplicate of the Ice Cream Cake Freezer, labeled under a different name. The main difference between the two is the price tag. The Test Ice Cream Cake Freezer was sold for the ridiculously high price of 9,999 Gems. The “real” Ice Cream Cake Freezer is only 500 Gems. Odd.

4 – Pink Bed*

*unofficial name

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This unnamed item is simply a pink bed. I really don’t understand why it was removed. That is all I have to say about it.

3 – Chest Armor*

*unofficial name

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In this screenshot, a player’s penguin avatar has… fake muscles. I can see why this would be removed, but at the same time… I’d love to make a John Cena look! Lel.

2 – Paint Marks

Technically, this item wasn’t removed, it was just changed.


To be more specific, it’s the red version of this item that was changed. The item was clearly intended to be… red paint, what else? Unfortunately, many roleplayers thought it would be a good idea to start using it as blood. It was changed to orange shortly after.

Shop Paint-Marks Orange

1 – Skullies

Yep. Skullies. The one item literally everyone knows about. If you don’t, they’re essentially a tail item consisting of a wire with a round skull-shaped plastic shell on the end.

Image result for animal jam skullies on pandas

They were removed because they looked very inappropiate on pandas. More specifically, during it’s Play action. In fact, this item changed the Panda’s play action altogether. Instead of rolling forwards and backwards, it now rolls from side to side.

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