Play Wild Update 27

Welcome back to another Animal Jam: Play Wild! update. Let’s get started.

Haunted Mansion & Pet Vampire Bats

Awesome. The Haunted Mansion will be a great place to have a few Night Of The Phantoms parties, and the Vampire Bats will help host it.


Light In The Dark and Super Sweets are Jamaa’s two newest games. I tried them both and… let me just say, they’re amazing. Especially Super Sweets.

Items and Accessories

Yep. Jamaa’s stores have a bunch of new scary items. I’m spooked!

IOS Exclusives

That’s really awesome. I play this game on an iPhone, so it’ll be helpful to have all these resources available.

Small New Announcements

updates that share a heading

  • To celebrate Night of the Phantoms, Play Wild has some new scary loading screens! Here’s one I found:



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