5 Unrealistic Things You Can Do in Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a big game, and it’s recieved a lot of content over the past couple years. And with the difficulty of having to release new updates every other week, I don’t think Animal Jam HQ has the time to review every new item that comes into the game. Today we look at 5 things you can do in Animal Jam, but not in real life.

5 – Whack-A-Phantom

Whack-A-Phantom Right GameWhack-A-Phantom is a game at the Summer Carnival where you hit Phantoms with a hammer. It’s harmless fun, right? Wrong.  Those are real Phantoms, and the hammer you use to hit them is made out of real wood. That’s abuse!

4 – Touch Pool

Touch-Pool Game-Play-MiscThe Touch Pool is an activity in Tierney Thys’ aquarium where you touch different kinds of sealife to earn Gems. It sounds harmless, so what’s the problem here? Well, most sealife enjoys being alone with other members of the same species, so it can breed and spend quality time with them. Any human interference annoys them a lot, which is why they run away. Aside from that, the Touch Pool doesn’t get you that many Gems anyway, so visiting it is a bad idea altogether, unless you really want the plushies.

3 – Best Dressed

I’m not going to lie. The concept of Best Dressed is great. I mean, it’s a classic fashion show. And there was never a problem with it, until they released an underwater version.

The gameplay between the two doesn’t vary much, except for the obvious rule that the in land version of Best Dressed you can only wear land clothing items, and in the underwater version you can only wear underwater clothing items. But have you ever tried to have a fashion show underwater? Everyone’s clothes would get soaked, and it’d turn into a huge mess.

2 – Sssssnake

Let’s be honest here. How many of us actually know how to permanently tame a snake?


I didn’t think so.

1 – Mammoth Tusks

Mammoth Tusks are a members-only clothing item consisting of two tusks, hence it’s name. The only problem with this item is, trading ivory (elephant tusks) is illegal in most countries.

That would be bad enough on it’s own, but Animal Jam is also sponsored by National Geographic! I’m surprised they would allow this at all.

On top of that, one of the main goals of Animal Jam is to use part of the revenue to help save endangered animals. So now I really don’t understand why they are using this to promote poaching.

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