Animal Jam’s Entire (Known) Lore

DISCLAIMER: This is my version of the lore, if I got something wrong, don’t worry.

In the beginning there was nothing except the Sky Father, Zios. Zios soon got lonely and created a grey heron named Mira, who fell in love with Zios. Zios decided he wanted to create more life-forms so he and Mira created the world of Jamaa. Shortly after, Jamaa becomes inhabitated by the primary species known as the “jammer”, which is made up of multiple subspecies of known animals.

Soon after Jamaa is created, Zios either dies or breaks up with Mira (unknown) and Mira becomes depressed. Her tears fall upon Jamaa and form the only other species on Jamaa besides Jammers: the Phantoms. The Phantoms, unlike Jammers, have no style whatsoever, and their only goal is to terrorize Jamaa and it’s inhabitants in a never-ending war.

The Phantoms soon discover a spiritual law where animals can only live in Jamaa if their Heartstone is in Jamaa. In a failed attempt to weaken Jamaasian forces, Phantoms decide to take advantage of this and steal most of the animals’ Heartstones, until there were six animals left:

  • Bunny
  • Wolf
  • Panda
  • Koala
  • Monkey
  • Tiger

Mira took note of her mistake and decided she had to fight back against the Phantoms. So she selected a representative for each animal.

  • Peck the Bunny
  • Greely the Wolf
  • Liza the Panda
  • Cosmo the Koala
  • Graham the Monkey
  • Sir Gilbert the Tiger

With the six animals at her wings, Mira formed the Alphas, a kindhearted and heroic group of animals who would defend Jammers and fight Phantoms. As Mira hoped, the Alphas push back the Phantoms in the war, while periodically searching for Heartstones and bringing new animals to Jamaa. Each new animal also recieves an Alpha of it’s own, such as Tavie the Dolphin or Juno the Arctic Wolf.

After a while the Phantoms take back the upper edge in the war, and the Alphas decide they need help. Jammers are now allowed to come on Alphas’ adventures, which is when the player comes into play.

Liza decides to test the player’s skills, by capturing Phantoms and defeating them with Cosmo’s Chomper Plants. The player succeeds and Liza decides to take them to Bunny Burrow, a village polluted by Phantoms. The player defeats the attacking Phantoms and frees the river from pollution.

Next the player has to free four monkeys from imprisonment, and close a portal. The player succeeds and meets Cosmo, the Koala Alpha. Cosmo introduces Boomseeds, small deployable bombs used against Phantoms. The player succeeds once again, and the Phantom King takes note of the player’s immense power. The Phantom King makes plans to ambush the player at the Phantom Hive. Cosmo, unaware of the trap, takes the player to the Hive to defeat the Phantoms there. The player succeeds again, and defeats the Phantom King for the first time.

Cosmo takes the player to an old tower that formerly belonged to Graham, the Monkey alpha, until it was taken over by Phantoms. The player infiltrates, frees some monkey prisoners, then leaves. As the player leaves they notice a volcano preparing to erupt. Greely the Wolf Alpha appears and notes that if the volcano erupts, it will destroy Jamaa.

Cosmo discovers the volcano and, putting trust in the player’s immense power, sends them to stop the volcano. The player defeats most of the Phantoms until a few most likely get away and alert the Phantom King of the player’s presence. The Phantom King becomes enraged and decides to stop the player once and for all. The player defeats the Phantom King once again, and stops the volcano, however it requires the help of Greely, who is sacrificed.

Soon later, Graham sends a search team to find Greely, and only finds a portal leading to an odd Phantom vortex. Greely is actually not dead and imprisoned in the Phantom Vortex. The player frees Greely, then the two are ambushed by TWO Phantom Kings. The player defeats both and returns Greely back to Jamaa.


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