5 Cool Animal Jam Fan Ideas

Credit to anyone who helped make these ideas, the names were not listed on the articles so I had no way of knowing who made what. I will also link each heading to the page so you can see the ideas for yourself.

So, I’ve recently discovered another Animal Jam-related wikia, the Animal Jam Fanon Wiki. It’s a really nice place to share your ideas for Animal Jam. Unfortunately, the wiki is extremely inactive, which is part of why I’ve made this post. Hopefully it becomes more active, along with the regular Animal Jam Wiki.

5 – Autumnal Farms

The Autumnal Farm is a mechanic/land idea. It’s kind of like Graham’s Workshop, but is on a farm instead. It also has it’s own Journey Book, which would be the first J.B. to have a Pet as a reward: the Pet Sheep.

4 – Vault

The Vault is an option that would be selected from the same bar you access your Parties and Buddies. It is a storage system for the player wants protected. When first using the Vault, it has 10 storage spaces.

If an item is in the Vault, it will still show up in your item slots, but there will be a small gray icon at one of the corners. Items in the Vault cannot be traded or gifted until they are taken out of the Vault.

You can also set a password to the Vault using one of the four options:

  • Set your Animal Jam password as the combination for the Vault.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN for the Vault.
  • Create a custom password (four letters or longer.)
  • Don’t use a password or PIN (not reccomended.)

The general idea of the Vault is to remind players to be responsible with their items.

3 – Baby Switch

The Baby Switch is an option that makes your animal smaller and cuter. I imagine this would be targeted towards Jammers who like to roleplay in the Pillow Room. Not much else to say here.

2 – Vial of Black Sand

When I first heard of this, I thought it would be a den item. The Vial of Black Sand is a neck item for 500 Gems. I don’t know what’s so cool about it. Just the design itsself would be enough to instantly make me buy one.

1 – Auction House

I think we’ve all wanted this one. The Auction House is, hence it’s name, an auction house. Unlike a regular auction house it has a few special policies. To reduce scamming, Jammers under the age of 5 may not enter the Auction House, because the average 5 year old probably doesn’t know what an auction house is. After a trade is conducted, there is also a short tradeback period.