Woo! Time for another update post! I was really excited about this one. Let’s see what it is.


Wow… The Sloth is the third animal to come out since I started this blog. The Falcon, the Pig, and now the Sloth. All the way back in Febuary… Jeez, time flies!

Although I would have to say the Sloth came out a lot faster than the Pig did. I mean, what was it… two weeks? Yeah, I think so.

And these guys, are so adorable.

Princess Outfit

I mean, we all know I can’t enjoy this too much. But I’m sure all the female Jammers will love this.

Small New Announcements

updates that don’t make a whole heading.

  • The incredible Pet Hummingbirds have returned to Jamaa!
  • Similar to the Pig, the Sloth is only 5 Diamonds!
  • Suprisingly, the Jamaaliday Jam is available July 24th to the 28th.
    • The Pet Reindeer is also available during this time.
  • Graham’s Workshop will be closing soon, so head on down to get craftin’!
  • You know the player icons in your den? You can choose to turn those on or off. I would personally leave them off because it leaves some surprise for when I’m making Animal Jam Skits!
  • Cheetahs are no longer available from the Diamond Shop. However, Jammers who already own a Cheetah may still use it. We wish them best luck on their travels!
    • Fortunately, Kangaroos will be returning soon!

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