Animal Jam Made Me A Den :)

Well. I am very happy today, would you like to know why? During the week I wasn’t posting on the blog or even playing AJ (because it’s summer vacation and I can do what I want LOOOOOOL) but I come today and this is the first thing I see.

OMG I was a happy Jammer. Animal Jam finally gave me my own den. Now, it could be for one of three things.

  1. They could have done it in celebration of me hitting 100 subscribers on YouTube. My channel link is if you want to check it out. Currently I have 95, just because of unstability and other things.
  2. They could have done it for Pixel Press. I mean, let’s just be honest here. Pixel Press, Pixel Place.
  3. They could have been trying to copy the popular game Minecraft. I just hope Microsoft or Mojang don’t sue Animal Jam for plagarizing their game.

Even though that already makes it the best update of all time, we still have to look at the rest of the update.

Photo from the Animal Jam Wiki (

Next are the new Stone and Zios frames to put your Masterpieces in. I don’t know about you, but ever since Masterpieces were released, I’ve been spending all my diamonds making them. And now we have two more awesome frames to put them in.

My personal favorite of the two is the Stone frame. It would have been great on my fan-based original character, Broken Stars.


And that’s not even the end of the update. Now every week one item from the Diamond Shop is going to be on sale. That’s so cool!

Well, it looks like you made it to the end of the post. Now hold on before you leave. Welcome to the awesome VIP club. What I want you to do is, go in the comments and post “BEST UPDATE EVER.” This is going to tell me that you love this update review and you want to see more. Okay, bye!


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