MasterJPixel Logic: Three Types of Rares

Rares should only be based on if the player actually wants to use the item, not based on how many there are.

The Rarity System. I feel like everyone participates in it nowadays. Whenever I go to Jamaa Township, we always see people asking to trade. One time I remember someone had a blue long Spiked Collar on trade. I offered a Silver Brick for it, and was declined.

Me: Why did you decline?

Rare person: uh because duh, a silver brick ain’t rare.

Me: Yeah it is. A Silver Brick can be recycled for like 3,000 Gems, compared to your spike which could be recycled for 650 Gems. Huge overtrade right there.

Rare person: yeah but no one with a brain would recycle a spike. learn ur rares kid.

And then I left. A few days later I decided to come up with: The Three Types of “Rare”

The first type is actual item value. This the one most commonly used and is hard to learn.

The second type is Gem value, which is learned by using the recycle feature and checking the price tag on an item.

The third is Diamond value, chosen by the number of Diamonds an item costs.