Pigs Are Here



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, bacon and sausage… It’s finally the day. Pigs have finally come to Jamaa.

Also, they’re the first non-member Diamond Shop animal, so non-members can finally be happy for once!

Here is my dressed-up pig:


This would go great with Makin’ My Way Downtown.


Maybe I should rename my YouTube channel to MasterJPIGsel instead of MasterJPixel


Today we are having bacon for breakfast.

Omg. Yes. So many possibilites with this.


The one thing I find wrong about Pigs.

And now onto the rest of the update.

Small New Announcements

  • Pigs are the first non-member diamond shop animal
  • It’ll  be fun to be allowed to say “Dude you’re a pig!”
  • Spikes don’t look good on pigs, which is great because spikes are overrated.
  • The Bunnies Only party is back.
  • Members on Animal Jam: Play Wild will now recieve 1 free Sapphire every day.

New Shop: Studio Corner


So this is a new shop. They sell stuff from the Painting collection. Enjoy.


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