MasterJPixel Logic: Spikes are worth NOTHING.

Just real quick. MasterJPixel Logic is a new segment where I make statements about Animal Jam and discuss my logic behind each one.

“Spikes are worth NOTHING.”

How does it make you feel when someone says that? Angry? Frustrated? That feeling you get when you know you worked really hard for something but right after you finished, it suddenly became worth nothing at all?

If a spike is “rare,” why do I see so many Jammers wearing one? Despite everyone believing they are so rare, Rare Spiked Collars are worn by a lot of people. In fact, maybe Woven Shoes should be considered the rarest item. I barely ever see someone wear those. XDDD

Plus, not to mention Rare Spiked Collars can be won from The Forgotten Desert. And every day, more and more Spikes are added into the game from that adventure. Because on one day a specific number of people play the adventure. The next day, a slightly higher number of people play it. The number of Rare Spikes in Animal Jam is increasing every day!

So there. I’ve proven that a spike is worth nothing. If you’d like to see more MasterJPixel Logic in the future please make sure to leave a like on this post and consider sharing it with your friends.