How to Avoid being Scammed


So, scamming, what do you think about it? It sucks, and it happens every day. The only way to stop scamming is to promote awareness, which is why I created this article.

  1. Don’t give your password out in the first place. The only people who should know your password are you, and your parents (or legal guardians.) The reason a lot of people get hacked is because they give out their passwords to fake websites that claim they can “generate membership.” All of these are fake and will get your account stolen.
  2. Don’t trust trade. I honestly have never seen the real point of trust trading. All it does is offer someone items you don’t even want them to accept, so why even offer them? Plus, there are a lot of better ways to find out if you trust someone.
  3. Don’t listen to people who say “TRADE ME I ALWAYS DECLINE” and stuff like that. It’s fake and the idea is to get you to trade them your rare items for something cheap, and then they accept and you have no hope of getting your stuff back.

So yeah. Hopefully this counts, and remember to stay safe.